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What animals do we process?

We process beef, sheep, pork & venison that have been killed by the Homekill Truck or at our Homekill Abattoir at Lorneville. We are also happy to process meat that you deliver to the butchery as well as other forms of meat, such as goat or game animals, on request. Contact us if you’re interested.

The Homekill Abattoir at Lornville is available through Woodlands Butchery where the meat will be brought back to Woodlands Butchery free of charge, ready for processing.

What is the process?

 Here is an example of beef processing from paddock to plate:

1. Have a happy animal

2. Beast weighed and tagged on the farm

3. Beast re-weighed 7-10 days prior to processing

4. Processing beef to client’s instructions (from our online forms, or you can phone the butchery with your instructions)

5. Carcass breakdown recorded for client

  • On farm weight (hot weight)
  • Bone in weight (prior to processing)
  • Weight of meat returned
  • Weight of bones
  • Weight of gristle, fat and fatty trimmings
  • % yield of beast provided

6. All meat products are prepared

  • All frying steaks vacuum packed
  • Mince comes in 500gm tubes
  • Small goods free flowed frozen

7. Finished product labelled and cartonned and blast frozen.

We offer a highly informative experience where you follow your Homekill beast from the paddock to plate! Which we highly recommend.

Homekill Processing FAQ:

  • How long until my meat is ready and processed?

Turnaround time is approximately as follows

  • Beef 7 days
  • Sheep 3-7 days
  • Venison 5-7 days
  • Pork 3-7 days
  • Will you process any animals that we have killed ourselves?

Yes, we will process animals that have been slaughtered by the farmer provided that they have been hygienically slaughtered and are free of foreign matter.

  • When do we pay?

Payment is expected upon collecting the processed meat from the butchery.

  • Can we buy animals from you?

Yes, Woodlands Butchery can supply beef, pigs, hogget and lamb. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

  • How much does my beef weigh?

Your animal is weighed just prior to boning and processing.

  • Does our meat come back fresh or frozen?

All meat is returned pre frozen, to save your freezer.

  • What cuts do I get?

You will receive exactly what you have requested, provided the beast yields enough meat to fulfill all of your requests. To avoid any confusion, please take the time to fill out the Woodlands Butchery processing instruction sheet clearly. Forms can be completed online on the Beef, Sheep and Pork processing pages.

  • Do we get our own meat back?

Yes, all meat is tagged and our systems ensure you receive meat from your own animal.

  • What do I need to do if the Homekill truck is visiting me?

– Cattle Beasts get stressed when they are on their own, leave a mate with them for company.
– Please have animals handy, as we try to be on time. If we have to wait, then everyone else is inconvenienced.
– If you want any tongues, tails, livers etc, then please let the slaughter man know and he will put them aside.

  • What is the 28 day rule?

Only animal owners actively engaged in the day-to-day maintenance of an animal, or other animals of the same kind, for at least 28 days immediately preceding slaughter, may engage a listed service provider to kill and process that animal. This applies to cattle, deer, sheep, goat, and pig.

  • What else should I know?

– We need to understand your instructions fully.
– Dairy breeds and fat cattle beasts don’t yield as well.
– As we only have one truck, April to July are peak times, you may experience some delay. Please book in early.
– We can only guarantee our workmanship, we are not responsible for the quality of the animal supplied.




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